Getting real followers on Instagram is getting harder and harder by the day. It does not matter how hard one tries. It’s difficult to catch up with what the competition is doing. This is especially so if they are getting paid followers. But do not fret. There are still some things to do to boost an account’s organic traffic. And the best thing is that they do not put any profile at risk of being banned.

12 Ways to Accelerate Instagram Growth

Getting more people to like a profile takes lots of sweat and tears. Well, maybe not tears, but it certainly takes effort and grit. Yet, fortunately, there are some ways to help this growth. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Know the Audience

Knowing what followers like is very important. If the content is not appropriate for them, they will just leave. This is why every Instagrammer should create an imaginary representation of their public. They should take into account:

  • Their age
  • Their profession
  • Their interests
  • All important aspects of their lives

With this info, one will be able to make an educated guess about what they may like. In this way, it will be possible to create specific content that will engage them.

2. Post Something Daily

The aim of this network is to have people interact with each other. So, it’s important to create opportunities for that to happen. This means the one should post often. If possible, at least once every day. There are two things that followers appreciate:

  • Consistenc
  • Timeliness

When they find a page with the content they like, and these characteristics, users, are very likely to engage with them. And the same happens with the algorithm. When it notices that an account posts photos and videos often and consistently, it will show it to more users.

3. Interact with Other Accounts in the Same Niche

Doing this will allow the account to be seen by other users interested in the content. If they are following a page, and see an interesting comment of another site with similar photos, people will probably start following it. Yet, it’s key to follow the following advice:

  • Be genuine
  • Be creative
  • Try to foster new relationships
  • Do not spam

Doing this may take a lot of time since there are probably many accounts with this type of content. So, try to set apart a few minutes daily to be able to do this without letting it interfere with the rest of the campaign.

4. Use Different Types of Media

Instagram was created as a social network to share images. But it has evolved over time. Now, it’s possible to post videos and stories, for example. So, to be able to connect with other users, it is important to use all the tools at one’s disposal. And this includes different forms of media.

Some studies have shown that people are more likely to remember a video than an image. This is something crucial to bear in mind for paid ads. Some ideas to include this type of content in the campaign are:

  • Answer users’ questions and requests in videos or stories
  • Show aspects of daily life
  • Show how to do something, like a recipe

5. Interact with the Public


Showing people the human side of the Instagrammer will help them to bond. This will turn into loyalty and, eventually, more followers. Yet, for this, one has to be devoted and authentic. One of the most effective things to do for this is to engage with them. Some tips for this are:

  • Post adequate content for them
  • Do it at times when they are usually browsing Instagram
  • Give a like to their comments
  • Answer their questions
  • Comment on their images
  • Respond to private messages

Over time, people will grow fond of the account. They like to feel appreciated. This will mean that they will recommend the content and share it. Their friends will probably start following too. Engagement is key for all of this to happen.

6. Upload Stories

This platform is always experimenting with new types of media. And the last one they added is called Stories. All the content that is uploaded in this way disappears after 24 hours. This allows putting in practice different types of idea that would work in a conventional way; some of them include:

  • Casual videos, like daily life
  • Last-minute updates
  • Content that is fun, but disposable

Posting these things often will mean constant interaction with users. And they can interact with stories. So, this will mean more loyal followers for the account.

7. Maximize Hashtags

Hashtags are very easy to use and can seriously make the difference in the reach of the content. Before, people used to add a thousand of them. But now, the platform wants people to use only relevant ones. So, the maximum is eleven. Some of the most popular types are:

  • Trending tags: these are the topics that are being discussed at the moment. See if any of them are related to the account. If they are, include them in a post.
  • Location hashtags: use a geotag to let people know where one is. A study has found out that by doing this, people are up to 79% more likely to interact with the post.
  • Customized tags: create one specifically for the brand or account. If it’s unique, users will be likely to remember it and use it.
  • Classic hashtags: there are some of them that never die. People always use them again and again. A typical example is #TBT. Using these will help to promote a related picture.

8. Use Geolocation

This is really useful for those that sell products. There are two types of locations that can be included:

  • Specific ones: these ones include an address and street number.
  • General ones: an example would be a city or a state.

With the first one, a shop could ask followers to tag the location to show they were there. This will improve its reputation and encourage more people to go there. With the second type of tag, one can show that a new product is now available in an area. In this way, users will be able to go to their closest store in that area to buy it.

9. Join Groups for Engagement

These are groups for people that are looking for the same thing: growing their accounts. So, they meet here and agree to interact with each other. This has some key benefits:

  • It is free
  • It helps to make the account better known
  • It works best if it is done with users in the same niche

Yet, bear in mind that one will have to return the favor. So, if someone comes and leaves a nice comment on one of the pictures, that account will be expected to do the same.

10. Collaborate with Others

Two people working together are more efficient than just one. This premise also works for Instagram. Find an account with a similar target audience. Then, both profiles can promote each other. Some ideas on how to do this are:

  • Reposting each other’s content
  • Mention the other person
  • Give shoutouts
  • Post the other’s images or videos
  • Have a project together

In this way, both users will be able to benefit from the partnership. Actually, this strategy is commonly used by the top 100 most popular Instagrammers. Collaborating with them would be a great idea, as they have a large and loyal fan base.

11. Get Popular Accounts to Show Yours

This may seem impossible. But it is actually not that hard. If the content of the account is good, there will be many wanting to work together. Yet, a lot of hard work is needed to find the right one. Some tips to get started include:

  • Research who are the biggest players in the field.
  • Call their attention: if they have a branded tag, make sure to use it in a suitable post.
  • If they have an email, contact them. Sending a DM is also OK. Do not be spammy, just show them what there is to offer.

Of course, the same tips as in previous cases apply. For example, it is better to do this with accounts that target a similar public.

12. Get Paid Followers

Many Instagrammers do not like this method because they think that they could get banned. But this is not like that. If one pays for quality services, there is no risk of being punished. Some vendors only send low-quality bots. One should stay away from them. But there are many others that send real users. So, they increase the number of followers fast and safely. Some tips to bear in mind when choosing a vendor are:

  • If they send bots or real followers
  • Their customer service
  • How fast they work

FAQ Section

How Do You Get 1000 Followers on Instagram Fast?

There is not only one secret. But there are several strategies that can help. Some of them are:

  • Creating bonds with followers
  • Partnering with similar accounts
  • Posting consistently
  • Using hashtags
  • Taking advantage of different types of media

Yet, these may not be fast enough for some people. So, they may prefer to pay for followers.

Is 1000 Followers on Instagram a Lot?

This will depend on the objective of the account. If one only wants to share memes with likeminded people and does not want to get money, probably that number is okay. But companies that want to sell a lot of products, or users who want to get money being influencers will need many more followers.

How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram to Get a Blue Tick?

Unfortunately, there is not a definite number. The people on Instagram are very secretive about the requisites one has to fulfill to get the desired blue tick. All they say is that one needs to have a noteworthy account. This means that many users should look for it, and it should be featured in some famous media.

What Are the Requirements to Get Verified on Instagram?

There are for main requisites for this:

  • The profile must represent an existing person or company
  • It must be the only one registered by that person or business
  • This usually does not work for accounts that upload memes or the like
  • It must have all the info on the person or business. This includes bio, profile picture, and one post
  • It must belong to a public figure who is widely known

Which Way Is the Best?

Growing an account is not an easy task. This is especially so for those who do it organically. Paid followers work for many users, but not for all. Fortunately, those who want to do it the natural way have many options. After some hard work, one can reach a high number of followers. And this is with only a bit of planning. It may take some time, but the results will surely be worth the wait.

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